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Thursday the 15th of March many football by Football Impact

On Thursday the 15th of March 4 friendly matches will be played in Cost del Sol: at the Marbella Football Center, Dama de Noche Football Pitches and at the Santa Maria Polo in Sotogrande.

All the football matches are organised by Football Impact.

The first match between FC Wädenswil and FC Alstetten will start at 15:00 pm at the Marbella Football Center.



The second match will be at the Santa Maria Polo in Sotogrande at 16:00 pm between the Hamkam FC and Asane Fotball.



At the same time the Norwegian team Sogndal FC will face the Nest Sostra Fotball at the Dama de Noche Football Pitches.



The last friendly match will take place at the Santa Maria Polo in Sotogrande at 16:30 pm between the Spanish team Real Balompédica Linense and the Norwegian team Notodden FK.