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FC Barcelona kills Sevila’s dream


Sevilla dreamed with another title to join its collection, but it didn’t happen. FC Barcelona was better and the team from Sevilla was overwhelmed very soon.  Valverde’s men decided the match before the break.

After the first minutes, a ball sent by Cillessen from the penalti area surprised the Andalusian defense and allowed Coutinho to control the ball just a few meters from the goal. David Soria should have gone out the goal, but he stayed. Coutinho passed the ball to Suárez, who scored easily.

After the frist goal Montella’s men were not able to recover the morale and Messi and Suárez increased the advantage, that was increased again in the second half. Coutinho by penalti and Iniesta set the final 5-0.

The game will be remembered to be the last Andres Iniesta’s final game, that will announce the next week  that he leaves Barça, probably to go to China. He offered another  football lesson and scroed a great goal.

Now the team from Nervión has to recover of this rough defeat to focus in the last league games to climb in the table.