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Marbella Football Center is part of the group Football Impact (Spain´s leader in organzation of trainingcamps). Our company was born as a result of the union of two professionals with their skills in the sphere of organization, marketing, attention and experience in sporting training camps, combined with the obvious vocation of offering an exceptional service responding to the needs of today’s market.
We are an active, professional and service orientated company, accomplished and experienced in our business and fortunate to count on a dynamic, talented and multi-lingual personnel. 
Integrity and transparency are a fundamental part of who we are, coupled with clear objectives in our company philosophy firmly built on the following five pillars: 
  • An unshakeable spirit of service.
  • A deep understanding of the services necessary for a professional sports team.
  • A continued desire to absorb knowledge and apply this to our clients.
  • Loyalty and honesty to our clients and purveyors.
  • A fair relation between price and quality.
Below we introduce the people who head this venture:
Andrés Roldan (born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany) .
Andrés managed the High Performance Centre MPF – Marpafut in Marbella for many years, and possesses many excellent contacts in the world of professional football. This renowned Centre is visited each year by over 60 professional football teams from all over the world, (principally Germany, Russia, England and Scandinavian countries). Andrés has contacts and relations with teams, federations, institutions and football agents which make him a true businessman in this sport. Furthermore, he has an Agents License endorsed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.
Andrés is FIFA Match Agent License. Andrés Roldan is a hardworker, a natural salesman, perceives situations rapidly and is used to leading teams. He possesses a natural flare for public relations and speaks three languages fluently (Spanish, German and English) enhancing his professional conduct and ability to negotiate.
Enrique Pérez Serichol (born in Madrid, Spain)
Enrique came to the Costa Del Sol due to his vocation in professional tourism, first with issuing agencies and purveyors of local services, and later with receiving agencies specializing in the planning and sales of leisure, culture and sporting programmes. His search for the fine line between “excellence” and “exceptional” have played an essential part in the loyalty of our clients, and has been the map for which he has found his professional direction. For this reason, Enrique possesses a wide portfolio of clients and international contacts both in the world of tour operators and in the sports arena. His profound interest in public relations, his insatiable curiosity, innate honesty and above all his great personality are qualities which stand out.
The desire, capacity for hard work and knowledge that we have acquired in this field, combined with our large portfolio of international contacts and many years of working with the most exacting of clients, has given us the strength, know-how and experience to develop this venture.
Svitlana Smikhovska (Born in Lutsk, Ukraine)
From an early age Svitlana felt the need to share her experiences with others, for which reason she decided to study Russian Philology in her native country.
Svitlana has always been restless, and this propelled her to travel to different countries, mastering other languages – English and Spanish, in addition to her native languages of Russian and Ukrainian – and be able to interact on all levels. Her natural self ease, combined with an extraordinary capacity for interpersonal relationships and her unique personality make her the center of any circle, and give her the ideal skills suitable for sales. This has been demonstrated throughout her long career as a senior business executive. As a result, and in a very short time, Svitlana has become one of the pillars of Football Impact in the Commercial Department for Eastern Europe. Her enthusiasm, work ethic, perseverance and ease of analyzing the objective, as well as being a great colleague and collaborator.

Anabel Guitart (Born in Madrid, Spain)

Thanks her experience in institutional relations, Anabel has a great capacity for work and a knack for relating to others really admirable. She also has a constantly positive attitude and total dedication to her work, which makes her very popular person wherever she goes. She really appreciates the concept of partnership and she has great organizational skills.
Anabel is a very disciplined and orderly person with a natural talent to lead and very decisive and efficient. Her use of the English language both oral and written makes that she can be defined as "pure productivity”.

Mariluz Outes (Born in Malaga, Spain)

She has a degree in Business and is currently the responsible for the Accounting Department of the company. She has extensive experience gained in this activity for more than fifteen years in the hands of renowned consultants and Administration offices. Being very communicative and very accessible, she possesses great tenacity and work ability. Her experience with audit firms and state agencies makes her to be specialized in tax issues. Her command of English allows her to maintain professional communications with different countries.
The seriousness and honesty are two of her salient characteristics that accompany her experience in tax issues.
Jose Angel Martos Brigido Born in Villanueva de Cordoba, Spain
He studied Business in Cordoba and at the end; he joined the family business of distribution where he was responsible for a staff of 25 employees, which has given him a wide experience in human relations. His natural way of relating makes him a very appreciated person in all circles.
His ability to manage and control different projects is worthy of note.
His passion for the sport led him to become President of the Football Club of his city and to become much familiar with everything about this sport, both in administration and in the management field. The next step was joining our company and become responsible for the management of maintenance and logistics of our sports facilities as well as the staff management.
Faithful, honest and upright person are some of the many qualities that define him. In addition he is also responsible for purchasing and suppliers relationships.
Gaston Iglesias (Born in Tandil, Argentina)
Linked to the world of communications from very young, he already led and produced radio programs on FM stations with the age of 18. 
Gaston is the most real example of "self-made man". He discovered the marketing of the hand of one of the big companies in his hometown and continued learning in courses and programs such as the Executive Master of Marketing and Sales offered by the European University of Madrid. His participation in export companies has helped him to become familiar with the international communication and his command of the English language has been essential in that area. 
His passion for the sport has led him to anchor in Marbella Football Center where he develops his work as Head of Marketing and Communication.
Pablo Bombarelli (Born in Malaga, Spain)
There are two clearly pronounced facets to be emphasized, the highly specialized manager in coordinating international sports events and matches between professional teams and his role as trainer/educator to which he devotes a great activity in developing youth campus. His passion for training young sportsmen and his relationship with them have equipped him with exceptional quality for interaction with people.
His language skills and ability to adapt to any kind of situations and groups facilitates teamwork and make him a very resolute person.
Carlos Pulido (Born in Cordoba, Spain)
Educated and accustomed to working in different countries and to move between different cultures. He has huge experience in organizing sports events performing management functions and consulting more than fifteen years. He has recently taken over the management and analysis of the international projects department in both Asia and the US. His participation in the organization of the accommodation office in the FIFA World Cup Korea -Japan 2002 and Germany 2006 and the committee of the US bid for the World Cup 2018 and 2022 has provided him the qualities of superb negotiator.
Carlos is a great lover of sport and football in its purest state.