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Two Football Impact customers in Europe League semifinals

Two Football Impact customers (R.C. Celta and Olympique de Lyon) participated today in the lottery performed in Nyon from 12:00. Two teams that could have been three, but Schalke 04’s misfortune impeded it, they recieved two goals in the extra time against Ajax and it left them out of the lottery.

The semifinal matches are Celta – Manchester United and Ajax – Olympique Lyon. The first leg will be played on 4th May and the second one the next week, the 11th May. Celta and Ajax will play the first match at home and the second one will be performed in Machester and Lyon.

The Galician team is an usual Football Impact customer, that performs with us its summer stages every year. The last summer, Football Impact helped Celta to play the TIM Cup, a tournament that they finally won after beating AC Milan and Sassuolo. Days later, Berizzo’s men travelled with Football Impact to play another friendly match.

By its part Olympique is a friend team too, specially after December 2015, when Bruno Genesio strated to led the team when they were not in their best moment. After a stage in Marbella Football Center they performed an excellent second half of the season, that took them to the third position and gave them access to Champions League.