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Four teams battling for Ekstraklasa

No doubt Ekstraklasa is the most equal competition around the world and it goes on its frantic pace. Four teams are fighting to become the Ekstraklasa champions: Legia, Jagiellonia, Lech and Lechia.

Before the last day Jagiellonia and Leach led with 37 points, while Legia had 36 an 34. A defeat of the first two teams was seized by Legia to become the new leader and by Lechia to tie with them with only two points disadvantage over the new leader.

Only a few days to be played and tomorrow the third will face fourth and first will face second. It’s almost imposible that everything stands as it is, both games should be tied.

The football world is dominated by huge superteams that avoid an equal competition as we find in Poland, it’s a pleasure for football lovers that there are still championships as equal as this one.