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AFC Bournemouth in full preseason at Marbella Football Center

AFC Bournemouth, who chose Marbella Football Center to prepare its return to competition, increases the intensity of the training sessions in order to get the best results for the next season that is about to start.

The season first workouts are the toughest, as Eddie Howe’s staff is checking. In the picture we can watch the players in a recovery session after an intense preseason day.

The “cherries” are performing their preseason with the target to prepare their return to competition on 12th  August, when they will face West Bromwich Albion in their first match in Premier League 2017/18.

But before this, the English team  will play some friendly preseason games, as the one that will be held the next 15th July at Marbella Municipal Stadium, where they will face Estoril Praia from 19:00.