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Marbella City Council and Football Impact present the friendly international match Saudi Arabia - Ukraine

Today Wednesday the 21th of March 2018, Marbella City Council and Football Impact have presented the Friendly International Match between the National Teams of Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.  This match will be on Friday the 23rd March at 20:00 pm at the Estadio de Marbella with free admission to the general public.

The presentation of the match to media has been held in the Press Room of the City of Marbella forming on the table the Councilor for Sports, Mr. Javier Merino with D. Andres Roldán, Manager of Football Impact, Mohammed Alhemaid Expedition Head of Saudi Arabia and Tarxonskyy Olexiy,  Expedition Chief of Ukraine.

Mr. Javier Merino has highlighted the tourism and sports activity of Football Impact throughout the year, especially during the winter months, thanking to the both teams for their interest in participating in the international match.

For his part, Mr. Andrés Roldán, thanked Marbella City Council for their collaboration and willingness to celebrate the game in Marbella, highlighting Marbella as a reference international tourist destination. He also thanked both teams for their interest in participating in the match.

Mohammed Alhemaid, has indicated that it is a pleasure for the Saudi Arabia Federation to come to Marbella to play a match and train for the World Cup that they will do in 2 phases, one now, with a friendly match, and another in May, prior to the World Cup, where they will play the opening game against Russia.

D. Mohammed Alhemaid has indicated that their goal is to pass the group stage and reach the Round of 16 World Cup. It indicates that they have a group with potential, with players that are now in La Liga and that will surely help to raise the competitive level of the selection. He also thanked Marbella, Football Impact and Ukraine for the celebration of the match.

Finally, D. Tarxonskyy Olexiy commented that for Ukraine it is quite a challenge to play a friendly match against a World Cup team, thanks to Marbella and to Football Impact for the organisation. Also to the Saudi Arabia National team his interest in playing with his team. According to its manifestations, coming to Marbella is a pleasure, in Ukraine there are -9 degrees, and here the sun shines, it is an ideal scenario to play an international match.


Source: Football Impact

Source: Football Impact