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Saudi Arabia beats Greece and it’s getting ready for the World Cup


The team coached by Juan Antonio Pizzi defeated today at La Cartuja Olimpic Stadium to the Greek team by 2-0. The Asian team performed a better physical and tactical play and keeps on its good performance in the matches before Russia World Cup on June.

“The sons of desert” scored first in 19th by Al DAwsari, and kept this advantage until the break. This advantage became bigger when Giannoulis (Greek player) saw a red card when the first half was about to finish

In the second half the Greek team was overburdened by the Saudi team, that increased the advantage in 79th by Kanno. Both teams made many substitutions, six the European team and five the Asian one.

Second match with Football Impact for Saudi Arabia, that looks at the World Cup with optimism and trusting its players and its coach, the Argentinian Juan Antonio Pizzi. From Football Impact we will check the results of the team during the World Cup and we wish the team to get its goals.