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Football Impact supports Borussia Dortmund and Marc Bartra

Football Impact regrets what happened yesterday in Dortmund, when Borussia was going by bus to its stadium to play the UEFA Champions League Round of 8 first game.

3 devices exploded when the bus was near, making some damage and throwing some shrapnel. Luckily something worse did not happen, only Marc Bartra was injured in his arm, that will require surgery.

From Football Impact we want to show our suport and sympathy with Borussia Dortmund and we wish Marc Bartra an early recovery.

It was a terrible action, but we must thank that we didn’t have bigger problems, because some of the metallic parts of the explosion crashed the bus and could have caused bigger damage..

Borussia Dortmund’s players refused to play after this and the match is being played today from 18:45. This was a big problem for Monaco supporters, who had to travel back home yesterday.

After this, violence led to solidarity and the German supporters created the hashtag #bedforawayfans with the target to offer beds to the opposite team supporters. From something as repugnant as terrorism, the football people started an action that proved that the King sport is to join people, not for political grievances or any other thing like this.