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Draw between USA and Russia in the last game of U19 Costa del Sol Trophy

The U19 USA and Russia teams tied today 2-2 in Marbella Football Center in the ending game of U19 Costa del Sol Trophy. Another international match that show how Football Impact and Marbella Football Center are two reference companies in the international matches organization.

After the national anthems the ball was put into play and quickly was controlled by the Russian team, that proved a better technic and tactic play, while the Americans performed a physical game.

It was a fair draw, because no team was clearly better. In respect of individualities, the best players were Pomykal Paxton (American team player 8) and Petr Volodkin (Eurasian team player 11).

This is the end of U19 Costa del Sol Trophy, that has been won by Belgium, while Russia and USA got a tie. But the most important is that all the teams finish with good feelings and a very important team work performed in the best facilities.