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Large victories for Belgium and Brasil and suffering for Spain and France


During the last weekend many teams that will join the World Cup have performed the last match before this important tournament.  Belgium, France, Spain or Brasil are examples of this.

While Brasil got a large victory over Austria (0-3), Belgium (Football Impact client) defeated Costa Rica (also client) by 4-1. Brasil, as Belgium are some of the favourite teams to win this tournament. Brasil, as every edition, wants the title, while Belgium wants to show that has become one of the best teams in the world and that the team aspires to the victory.

Other two big federations that aspire to win the World Cup are Spain and France. Despite of being one of the best teams, they were not able to show their superiority. Spain won in the last momento fo Tunisia by 10, while France was not able to beat USA.

With only two days left for the opening game only two teams still have to play one more friendly game, both are Football Impact clients. Today Japan faces Paraguay and Poland faces Lithuania.